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Procedure for whistleblowing and protection of
whistleblowers. COMPLIANCE - in practice means
compliance with existing legal regulations.

Sevitel, in introducing the compliance model into its operations, is not just committing to certain solutions. It is an extensive ethical system operating on very many levels.

This system is to ensure that the company operates in compliance with the law. This action of our company is to protect both our contractors and ourselves from criminal liability, penalties or monetary losses in case of problems arising from, for example, violations of the law.

The whistleblower and whistleblower protection procedure implemented at Sevitel Sp. z o.o. is designed to enable employees to report irregularities in a work-related context and to provide whistleblowers with appropriate and effective protection against retaliation that could be taken in connection with a report.

The procedure is part of the internal compliance system implemented by SEVITEL Sp. z o.o. and supports the Company’s Management Board in conducting its business in accordance with the law, internal regulations, principles of ethics, and respect for diversity and in creating a safe working environment.