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A system used to locate tremors within a mine and determine tremor energy. Depending on the extent of the site, the system uses seismometers or low-frequency geophones as sensors. Equipped with intrinsically safe, centrally powered from the surface, digital data transmission allows 1,2, or 3 components of recorded vibration velocity Y, X, Z to be transmitted one teletransmission line at a time. A sampling of signals is carried out using 24-bit Sigma Delta converters, which ensures high dynamic processing and recording.


  • Number of measurement channels: max 32
  • Bandwidth of recorded frequencies: 0 - 150 Hz (from transmitter input - without seismometer)

  • Sensors: SPI 70 seismometers (optional low-frequency geophones)

  • Dynamics of recording and processing: 100 dB (120 dB optional)
  • Supply of underground broadcasting stations: central intrinsically safe from the surface
  • Intrinsically safe transmission range: 10 km Standard MODBUS RTU
  • Approval feature: ExiaI