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ARES 5/E system

The task of the system is to convert – with the help of electrodynamic measuring probes SP-5.28/E fixed on anchors in the stub of preparatory galleries – the speed of mechanical vibrations of the rock mass into an electrical signal. The signals are then sent to the surface, to the mine’s geophysics station, where their digital processing and computer interpretation is carried out. The system can be used in areas at risk of methane explosions.

  • Number of measurement channels: 8 (max.64 with 8 surface stations)
  • Transmission type: natural, current
  • Maximum length of the transmission line: 10km
  • Vibration parameter processed: speed
  • Type of measuring probe: SP-5.28/E
  • Measurement probe bandwidth: 28-1500 Hz MODBUS RTU standard
  • Probe position: any
  • Signal processing dynamics: 54 dB
  • Protection degree of the housing of the equipment of the underground part of the system: IP 54

Mariusz Ordowski
Mariusz Ordowski
Technical Director of the Geophysics and Shaft Works Department