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DAV – Anemometer with Measurement Head

The DAV anemometer is used for continuous measurement of air flow velocity in mine galleries, tunnels, corridors and for local signaling of flow fade. A high-brightness optical element signals danger at the entrance to the controlled area. The measuring head can be placed at a location up to 30 m away from the base unit.

The DAV anemometer is powered from the surface station via a telephone line. Data transmission is carried out along the power line. It is possible to connect up to four devices on one line.

Features of the device:

  • Anemometer with measuring head;
  • Continuous measurement of air velocity
  • Remote and local warning;
  • Data transmission over power line
  • Measurement range: -20 ÷ +20 m/s
  • Measurement error: 5% ±0,1 m/s
  • Maximum resistance of the telephone line: 700 Ω
  • Transmission standard: V23 FSK
  • Operating temperature range: -10 ÷ +40° C
  • Humidity range: 0 ÷ 100 % non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 387 x 190 x 91 mm
  • Waga: ok. 4 kg
  • Degree of protection of the housing: IP-54

Dariusz Potoczek
Dariusz Potoczek
Technical Director