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DSI – Binary signal separator with input line diagnostics

CThe separator is designed for use in mine control systems and wherever cooperation with devices operating in explosive atmospheres is required. The device provides galvanic separation of control circuits from controlled circuits in compliance with intrinsic safety requirements, and current control of input line parameters with the distinction of the following states of short circuit, break (UKO only), closed contact, and open contact.

All operating states are signaled using light-emitting diodes.

DSI-01 separator is adapted to be powered from the power supply transmission line. Thanks to the low power consumption, it can use the line together with one device such as switchboard, methane meter, etc. For this purpose, it is necessary to ensure the serial connection of these devices.

The separator inputs are adapted for cooperation with intrinsically safe lines UKO or IZZO. Both intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe circuits with operating voltage up to 230VAC can be connected to their outputs.

Features of the device:

  • Provides galvanic separation of control circuits from controlled circuits
  • Controls the parameters of the input lines, distinguishing the following states:
    • short circuits
    • break (UKO only)
    • closed contact
    • open contact
  • Separator inputs are adapted to cooperate with intrinsically safe lines of UKO or IZZO type.
  • Adapted to be supplied from the power supply and transmission line
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 40C
  • Humidity range: 0 ÷ 98%
  • Designation: | M1 Ex ia |
  • Loop power supply with stabilized current: I=(30÷43)mA
  • Current loop voltage range: U=(7÷56)V
  • Intrinsically safe parameters of the power input: U=60V, I=50mA
  • Type of input lines supported: IZZO - with diode-resistive circuit
    UKO - with diode-resistive circuit control
  • Maximum input line resistance: 200 Ohm
  • Fault output current: 37,6 mA
  • Fault output voltage: 7,14 V
  • Output type: Mechanical voltage-free contact
    Mechanical contact with serial diode
  • Maximum operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Maximum current: 1A
  • Number of inputs: 4
  • Number of outputs: 4
  • Dimensions: 171x160x103mm
  • Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Degree of protection of the housing: IP54

Dariusz Potoczek
Dariusz Potoczek
Technical Director