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MCCD-01 – Miniature digital underground control panel

The underground control panel type MCCD-01 is a measurement and control device that provides an interface between analog and binary sensors and the surface part of the SMP-NT system. It provides continuous reading and processing of analog and binary signals into digital signals, transmits the processed data to the surface part of the system, and receives configuration and control data from the surface part. Based on the configuration data received from the surface part and the status of analog and binary inputs, it can work out control signals according to the set algorithms in an autonomous manner or in cooperation with the system surface station.

The control panel is adapted to be powered from the surface through a power-transmission line from UM or MZT-8/50Vm, MZT-10/60M type cassettes. It is also equipped with a battery of batteries, allowing it to sustain the operation, in case of damage to the power-transmission line or a power outage.

Features of the device:

  • digital bidirectional transmission with FSK modulation resistant to interference taking place over a power line of up to 10 km in length
  • collection of data from analog and binary sensors and sending them to the system surface station
  • control of binary outputs
  • possibility of realization of local or global power outage matrix
  • small-size housing resistant to corrosion and impacts

Dariusz Potoczek
Dariusz Potoczek
Technical Director