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Pasat M system

Portable seismic apparatus used for seismic measurements where mobility of taking measurements is required. The apparatus has a battery-powered modular structure.

PASAT can be used for the following measurement methods:

  • longitudinal seismic profiling in mine workings
  • seismic screening between workings
  • seismic screening between openings
  • seismic sounding.

The intrinsically safe device of group I of category M1 is characterized by high resistance to dust, humidity, vibration, and aggressive media.

  • Number of recorded channels: max 24
  • Frequency bandwidth of the transducer: 4,5-1000 Hz
  • Sensors in SG3/2H probes: GS11D (Geospace) geophones - 2 pcs
  • A/D converter resolution: 24 bit
  • Sample rate: 20,10,8,5,4,2,1 kHz
  • Processing dynamics: 110dB Standard MODBUS RTU
  • Distance between geophones: max 20m
  • Method of triggering measurements: short-circuit, open contact of inertia sensor or current loop, trigger when signal, from declared geophone, exceeds specified voltage threshold, trigger by operator from keypad

  • Maximum continuous operation time after charging the batteries: 4 h minimum (for MPT, MWP), 4 h minimum (for PDA).