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RPA-1 Atmospheric Parameter Recorder.

RPA-1 is a handheld device designed to measure and record atmospheric parameters such as absolute pressure, temperature, and relative humidity.

The RPA-1 Atmospheric Parameter Recorder is used in particular for measuring the above-mentioned atmospheric parameters in underground workings. The current parameter values are presented on the local LCD display and simultaneously stored in the internal memory.

The RPA-1 device is equipped with an internal real-time clock, which allows archiving of measurements, with precise determination of the moment of measurement. In addition, it is possible to associate measurements with the place where they were carried out – recording the number of nodes or ventilation sidings.

The RPA-1 device can operate in continuous or instantaneous measurement mode. To work with the RPA-1 Atmospheric Parameter Recorder, dedicated software is provided that allows reading, processing, and presentation of measurement results in the form of a graph. The software also allows synchronization of the internal real-time clock. An integral part of the RPA-1 device is a charger with a data transmission system to a computer for further processing.

Analysis of measurement results can be the basis for making depression maps and calculating aerodynamic potentials in the mine ventilation network.

  • Measured physical parameters of the atmosphere: absolute pressure 800 – 1300 hPa ±0,3 hPa
  • Measured physical parameters of the atmosphere: temperature measurement range 0 °C ÷ +50 °C ±0,5°C
  • Measured physical parameters of the atmosphere: measuring range of relative humidity 5% ÷ 95% ±2%
  • Measurement step: Δ t= 1÷240 s
  • Mode of operation: - continuous (at least 12h of continuous recording )
    - instantaneous
  • Power supply: 7.2V battery allowing up to 15h of continuous operation
  • Overall dimensions: 236 x 125 x 41 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg MODBUS RTU standard
  • Degree of protection of the housing: IP 54
  • Explosion-proof construction feature: I M1 Ex ia I Ma

Dariusz Potoczek
Dariusz Potoczek
Technical Director