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THOR dispatch system

A versatile and comprehensive solution designed for operation in control rooms of industrial plants.

THOR dispatch system is a development of the SCADA type system philosophy extended by the possibility of cooperation with other dedicated systems.

THOR dispatch system is a universal, comprehensive solution designed to work in the control rooms of industrial plants.

The main application of the system is the registration and visualization of selected parameters of the environment and technological processes,

as well as archiving and reporting to facilitate analysis of the state of the monitored facility.

  • The system consists of:

    • a database containing a properly prepared data structure
    • a data distribution service storing data downloaded from the corresponding drivers
    • communication drivers (drivers)
    • utility applications enabling the use of the system

    The THOR system uses dynamically attachable drivers (drivers), so it can work with almost any hardware, without having to disable and reconfiguration of the entire system. Connecting new equipment is limited to the preparation of an appropriate driver, which, in accordance with the protocol and specifications, enables communication with the device and the proper registration of data in the system. The data collected in the database is recorded with a cycle specific to each device and executed through a dedicated controller. The individual components of the system are designed so that data can be stored in a uniform and relatively universal manner, i.e. independent of other systems.

Dariusz Potoczek
Dariusz Potoczek
Technical Director