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Tryton – Electronic blasting agent record system

The TRYTON Electronic Recordkeeping System for Blasting Agents is designed for full recordkeeping of blasting agents at the bottom and on the surface of a mine, especially in explosives depots.

The TRYTON system includes a set of supply and record-keeping equipment and the corresponding software for managing explosives.

The system in the underground part is based on devices of explosion-proof and intrinsically safe construction built in or near the explosives chamber. Depending on the configuration, these include a desktop underground computer SEVPC, Wi-Fi access point GPD-X, barcode reader ISK-1, and other devices in the form of intrinsically safe power supplies and data transmission equipment. Each component of the system can operate in a redundant connection.

The surface part of the TRYTON system includes equipment for recording and reading system data, including a set of servers, UPS power supplies, and computer workstations.

The TRYTON Explosive Record System allows tracking of explosives from the moment of delivery and acceptance to the mine site, delivery to the underground record stations, and release and return of unused materials. At each stage, the person receiving, collecting, and issuing the materials is recorded.

The TRYTON system provides management of employees authorized to deal with explosives, including adding employees, entering authorization data, monitoring authorizations, and assigning identification cards to employees. Each authorized employee has an identification card in which the stamp number, authorizations, and access password / PIN required for operations are encoded.

Thanks to the TRYTON system, it is possible to manage explosives more efficiently, monitor and supervise the status of stockpiles on an ongoing basis, make reports automatically, and keep records of blasting equipment.

In accordance with European Commission Directive 2012/4/EU of 22.02.2012, each user of explosives will be required to implement their electronic records by April 5, 2015.


  • An essential component of the explosives accounting station is the SEVPC desktop computer. The SEVPC computer is equipped with a 19″ LCD monitor, keyboard, and fiber optic inputs/outputs or any other.

    The SEVPC computer allows:

    • acceptance of materials into the stock of explosives
    • acceptance of returns of unused materials
    • cooperation with a mobile computer i.roc mobile terminal
    • identification of authorizations
    • creation and viewing of reports
    • communication and operation of the database of the system of records of explosives
  • Stationary terminal:
  • Tryton – Electronic blasting agent record system
    • Acceptance of materials into the inventory of the explosives depot\
    • Accepting returns of explosives
    • Cooperation with a mobile computer
    • Identifying authorizations
    • Creating and viewing reports
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  • Mobile scanner:
  • i kolejna
    • Wireless transmission
    • I M1 Ex ia I
  • Alphanumeric baner:
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    • Informing about the working status of the explosives depot
    • Informing about hazards
    • I M1 Ex ia I Ma
  • Telecommunications infrastructure:
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    • Explosive wireless communication
    • Ethernet transmission
    • I M1 Ex ia I Ma
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