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Our company's offer is based on a modern approach. We have specialized IT solutions and extensive telecommunications systems. We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions based on needs analysis.

In the demanding sectors of heavy industry and mining, our advantage in the market is the ability to implement customized solutions that ensure not only high automation but above all the highest level of safety for the crew and equipment. Flexibility and the wide range of work carried out in difficult underground conditions, allow us to skillfully adapt to the market, as evidenced, among other things, by the project currently underway to supply liquid fuel stations for the H. Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station for the Polish Academy of Sciences.


and Geophysics


Localization and anti-collision


Electrical and Automation Engineering


Control rooms

Gasometry and Geophysics

In the field of gasometry, we offer a range of equipment for the measurement of atmospheric parameters designed for use in the mining industry. In accordance with our maxim relating to prioritizing the safety of human life, we pay special attention to the precision of measurements, and the always available service guarantees the continuity and reliability of operation of all systems and the equipment included in them.

Sevitel ltd. as part of its activities comprehensively carries out investments related to the construction or modernization of systems operating at Mining Geophysical Stations. As part of our offer, we select seismological and seismoacoustic systems and carry out multi-discipline technical projects taking into account the needs of the client.

Offered devices meet the required standards and are certified for continuous operation in any concentration of methane. We manufacture intrinsically safe devices based on the EN 13980:2001 standard. Devices working underground are class I M1 Ex ia I Ma.


Our state-of-the-art radio communications-based systems are designed to take a comprehensive approach to safety and improve crew operations. Crucial to broad safety considerations are location functions in the workings of underground mines and in facilities with limited visibility. The functionality of our systems focuses on monitoring, location survey, and logistical analysis of machinery and material logistics.

  • SWAR wireless communications system to support rescue operations
  • PORTAS location system
  • SYBET-PROXIMA anti-collision system


SEVITEL, which employs a highly specialized technical and engineering staff, has many years of experience in carrying out tasks related to the construction and modernization of guaranteed power supply systems, both in the mining and non-mining industries. For the power sector, SEVITEL’s offering focuses on the provision of guaranteed power supply systems.

In terms of automation, we are a supplier of modern solutions in the field of mining and general-industry process control and visualization systems. The devices we offer are intrinsically safe, and adapted to work in explosive atmospheres.


Construction and modernization of plant control rooms, action headquarters, and other traffic supervision and control rooms.

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Maintenance services

Overhaul and repair of explosion-proof, mostly intrinsically safe construction equipment for use in hazardous areas.

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Design and cost estimating services

Development documentation, design studies, and cost estimates,
We carry out tasks related to programming, visualization, and commissioning of industrial automation systems.

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